inSYTE Membership

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inSYTE membership is available to food and feed industry businesses for various utilisations, including Non – GMO/IP registration and management, supply chain transparency management and trading of specialist product/ingredients.

If your company transforms or stores products/ingredients, or supplies products/ingredients directly to a retailer – our membership is for you!

The system is intuitive and easy to manage, and is supported by a global team of technical evaluators who assess ingredients and give advice when needed.

inSYTE makes managing and sourcing GMO Risk Ingredients easy and cost effective, with all inSYTE members able to register sites and ingredients for approval.

Client Account Memebership

£295.00 / year

  • For all clients except Retailers
  • Unlimited trading partner linking
  • Unlimited user accounts for your business
  • All assessments available (Non-GM, Organic)
  • Search inSYTE listing with every assessment
  • Additional listings available for any products or ingreients

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