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How the Spirits Business is coping during the Pandemic

Many spirits businesses, including distilleries, bars, retailers and restaurants, had to adjust to the different work and sales environment, slowdowns and setback caused by COVID-19. In this article, several owners and operators of spirits businesses report about changes in their day-to-day operations and their new look at strategies due to the pandemic. Often, plans of expansion were disrupted, and on-premise sales in bars and restaurants as well events and sales through on-site tasting rooms took a big hit. Many times, other projects, investments and improvements to facilities had to be put on hold. In this challenging environment, branding, e-commerce, distributor and customer relationships and finding new channels of marketing are more important than ever. And then there’s sometimes the “second product”, hand sanitizer. Everyone is hoping for a better and more predictable year (and that their staff can be hired back once things look better).

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Picture Credit Susanne Kuehne

Posted on 2 February 2021