Plant & Animal Species Detection

Latest regulations in the EU and Japan prohibit any contents of animal origin in ruminant feed. The banned ingredients include meat-/tissuemeal, bonemeal and dried blood of all species. Similar regulations exist in numerous countries around the world, primarily in regards to the danger of mad cow disease (BSE bovine spongiform encephalitis).

Our analytics enables the Industry to accomodate such regulations in regards to the production of feed. But these tests can also be used for species identification in meat products and for control of fraud in meat products with tissues of foreign materials.
In addition we also offer the possiblity to test on a variety of different plants, to exclude contaminations in raw-materials and products.

This kind of testing is very helpful for animal feed producers to fulfil certain export regulations, but also to the food industry to verify the pureness of blended raw materials.

Please see our dedicated pages for some of the major application areas for more information:

  • Animal Feed Producers
  • Halal Food Producers