Ohne Gentechnik Labelling

Ohne Gentechnik Labelling

FoodChain ID Testing (Europe) is the first GMO testing laboratory to be a member of the « Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik » (VLOG), the German industry association for GM-free food and feed products.

VLOG controls the “Ohne GenTechnik” product seal ­­(GM-free, produced without genetic engineering). The “Ohne GenTechnik” seal enables consumers to choose foods that have been produced without genetic engineering and to support GM-free agriculture.
VLOG was founded by 32 members in March 2010 in Berlin in the presence of German Federal Minister of Agriculture Ilse Aigner, who established the “Ohne GenTechnik” programme and seal in August 2009. VLOG membership includes farmers as well as one of the world’s largest dairy producers.The trend towards GM-free product choices shows no sign of slowing down. In September 2010, one of Germany’s biggest retailers launched its brand of dairy products from cows raised on non-GM feed under the “Ohne GenTechnik” label.



These actions reflect the findings of a 2009 poll conducted by the Forsa polling institute showing that 73% of German consumers would prefer to buy foods carrying the “Ohne Gentechnik” label. (Source: www.bund.net)

As one of the most experienced GM testing laboratories in the world, FoodChain ID Testing (Europe) GmbH can help your company create cost-effective sampling and testing plans, traceability strategies, and quality control systems to validate GM-free claims such as “Ohne GenTechnik” according to the VLOG requirements.

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