Horse DNA Detection in Meat and Meat Products

Horse DNA Detection in Meat and Meat Products

FoodChain ID Testing offers comprehensive tests for detection and identification of horse (equine) DNA in food and meat products.

These tests help clients to make sure that no horse meat has been used in their product or that suppliers deliveries are free of horse meat. In addition FoodChain ID Testing can also provide you with tests to verify other animal species (e.g. to confirm that actually bovine meat is present in a product). Please also see our page on Food Authenticity for more information on how to protect your company and products against incorrect labelling, either fraudulent or accidental.

Qualitative results and limits of detection

Assays are performed by Real Time PCR technology. Results are reported qualitatively “species detected” or “species not detected.” The limit of detection (LOD) of the horse (equine) DNA test method is 25ppm.
The practical limit of detection varies depending on:

  1. the composition of the sample,
  2. the nature of the animal-derived material (i.e. tissue meal versus bone meal, versus blood meal, versus fresh tissue),
  3. the manner in which the animal-derived material has been processed. For instance, animal feed ingredients are often heated to high temperatures.

Of course the horse (equine) DNA test offered by FoodChain ID Testing is accreditated according to DIN EN ISO 17025.

Sample size and turn-around time

The recommended sample size is 200g (processed products and meat tissue).
Horse (equine) DNA tests are offered with a standard turn-around time of 3 business days after sample arrival. Faster turn-around times are available on request. Please contact our Customer Service (+49 821 74776-35 or ) for questions, conditions and availability.


For an overview of other offered species tests, please visit our general page on Animal Speciation.