General Information – GM Soy

Soya was one of the first plants to be genetically modified. GM RoundUp Ready® soy was introduced onto the world market in 1996. Today, RoundUp Ready® soy (MON40-3-2) makes up over 70% of all commercialized GMOs worldwide.

Applications for approval of various GM soy varieties have been submitted to the EU authorities, so the number of EU-approved varieties is expected to increase over the coming years.


Main use of crop:

  • Soy meal as an ingredient in animal feed
  • Soy protein products for feed and food
  • Tofu and related products
  • Soy sauce
  • Soy milk
  • Soy lecithins in various formulations for the food industry

Genetic modifications:

  • Herbicide resistance
  • Altered fatty acid composition
  • Insect resistance


Test Parameters:

Variety Screening Qualitative* Quantitative* EU Approved
305423 X X Yes
356043 X X X Yes
A2704-12 X X X Yes
A5547-127 X X X Yes
MON40-3-2 (RoundUp Ready®) X X X Yes
MON89788 (RoundUp Ready® 2) X X X Yes
W62, W98 X No
BPS-CV127-9 X X Yes
MON87701 X X Yes
MON87705 X X X Yes
MON87708 X X Yes
MON87769 X X Yes

*event and/or construct specific test.

Please note that this is an excerpt of some of the available test parameter at FoodChain ID Testing. Our R&D Department is continuously developing and introducing new detection methods. Please contact our customer service if your desired parameter is not listed.