General Information – GM Rice

Rice is one of the main staple foods worldwide. Genetically modified herbicide-resistant rice was developed in the United States in 1999. In China, GM insect-resistant rice varieties are planted.

All GM rice varieties are unapproved in the EU and are not marketable, as the EU zero-tolerance policy applies. For some years, different GM rice varieties have been detected in food and feed in the EU. Currently, the products most affected are rice noodles from China.

Main use of crop:


  • Food (e.g. seeds, flour, rice noodles)

Genetic modifications:

  • Insect resistance
  • Herbicide resistance
  • Increased beta-carotene content


Test Parameters:

Variety Screening Qualitative* Quantitative* EU Approved
BT63 X X X No
Golden Rice 1 (GR1-309, GR1-146, GR1-652) X No
Golden Rice 2 (GR2-G, GR2-E, GR2-L, GR2-R, GR2-T, GR2-W) X No
KeFeng6 X X No
KeFeng8 X X No
LL601 X X X No
LL604 X No
LL Rice 62 X X X No
LL Rice 06 X No
PE-7 X No
TR30 X No
Unknown GM Basmati X X No

*event and/or construct specific test.

Please note that this is an excerpt of some of the available test parameter at FoodChain ID Testing. Our R&D Department is continuously developing and introducing new detection methods. Please contact our customer service if your desired parameter is not listed.