General Information – GM Potato

Here you can find an excerpt of some of the available test systems at FoodChain ID Testing, whether as screening, event and/or construct specific test and quantification, plus the information whether this variety is EU approved or not.

Please note that this list is not complete, as our Research and Development department is continuously developing and introducing additional test parameters for new varieties. Also some older varieties might not be listed on this page. In case you are missing an important parameter, please give our customer service a call. We will be glad to help you.


Genetically modified insect-resistant potatoes have been approved for cultivation in the United States since 1998, but are no longer commercially planted.
2009 the Amflora variety was approved for planting in the EU.

Besides MON810 maize, the Amflora potato is the only GM crop approved for cultivation within the EU. 

Main use of the crop:

  • Food (whole potato, starch, flour)
  • Industrial starch (non-food use)

Genetic modifications

  • Insect resistance
  • Increased amylopectin (a starch component) content


Test Parameters:

Variety Screening Qualitative* Quantitative* EU Approved
Amflora / EH92-527-1 X X Yes
New Leaf™, New Leaf Plus™ X No

*event and/or construct specific test.

Please note that this is an excerpt of some of the available test parameter at FoodChain ID Testing. Our R&D Department is continuously developing and introducing new detection methods. Please contact our customer service if your desired parameter is not listed.