General Information – GM Corn/Maize

Genetically modified maize (corn) is grown all over the world. Currently there are over 30 different EU-approved and EU-unapproved GM varieties. MON810 maize is beside the Amflora Potato variety the only other GMO approved for cultivation within the EU.

Main use of crop:


  • Different food products (e.g. kernels, flour, starch, syrup)
  • Animal feed including maize/corn gluten
  • Biofuel

Genetic modifications:

  • Herbicide resistance
  • Insect resistance
  • Modified composition of amino acids


Test Parameters

Variety Screening Qualitative* Quantitative* EU Approved
3272 X X X No
5307 X X X No
676, 678, 680 X No
98140 X X X No
B16 / DLL25 X X X No
BT10 X X X No
BT11 X X X Yes
BT176 X X X No
CBH-351 X X X No
DAS-40278-9 X No
DAS-59122-7 X X X Yes
DBT-418 X X X No
GA21 X X X Yes
MIR162 X X X Yes
MIR604 X X X Yes
MON810 X X X Yes
MON863 X X X No
MON87460 X X X Yes
MON88017 X X X Yes
MON89034 X X X Yes
MS3 X No
MS6 X No
NK603 X X X Yes
T14 X X X No
T25 X X X Yes
TC1507 X X X Yes

*event and/or construct specific test.

Please note that this is an excerpt of some of the available test parameter at FoodChain ID Testing. Our R&D Department is continuously developing and introducing new detection methods. Please contact our customer service if your desired parameter is not listed.