General Information – GM Canola

The first genetically modified varieties of canola (oilseed rape) were produced for research in 1984. The first commercial varieties were introduced into the marketplace in 1996.

Commonly planted GM canola varieties include the herbicide resistant GT73 and MS8/RF3 strains. Within the EU the cultivation of GM canola is currently not allowed.

Main use of the crop:


  • Oil production (edible oil, biofuel)
  • Honey
  • Animal feed

Genetic Modifications:

  • Herbicide resistance
  • Male-sterility, fertility restoration

Test Parameters:

Variety Screening Qualitative* Quantitative* EU Approved
23-198, 23-18-17 X No
Falcon GS 40/90 X No
GT200, RT200 X No
GT73 X X X Yes
Liberator C/6Ac X No
MPS961, MPS962, MPS963, MPS965 X No
MS1xRF1 X No
MS1xRF2 X No
MS8 X X X Yes
RF3 X X X Yes
Oxy-235 X X X No
T45 X X X Yes
Topas 19/2 X No
MON88302 X X X Yes

*event and/or construct specific test.

Please note that this is an excerpt of some of the available test parameter at FoodChain ID Testing. Our R&D Department is continuously developing and introducing new detection methods. Please contact our customer service if your desired parameter is not listed.