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Understanding Regulation EC No. 619/2011 on low-level presence (LLP) of GMOs in feed imports and the implications for food business operators

On July 15th the new EU regulation 619/2011 became effective and introducing the “Technical Zero” of 0.1% for certain EU unapproved GMOs to help imports of feed material from countries like Argentina, Brazil and the USA.

In the past years several shipments of soy and corn have been rejected at the EU borders because of traces of unapproved GMOs. The regulation 1829/2003 defines a “Zero-Tolerance” for any EU unapproved GMO, rendering any product or raw material as not marketable.


We have put together a dossier giving you the important information about this new regulation and its effects on food and feed producers in Europe.
In addition you can also download a copy of the regulation and the corresponding memo of the EC.


FoodChain ID Testing (Europe) AG – Publication
Language File Size
Understanding Regulation EC619-2011 low-level presence of GMOs in feed imports v1.01 (PDF) English 84 KB
Article in German Feed Magazine / Kraftfutter on possibilities for feed companies due to EU LLP regulation by Bill Thomson, CEO FoodChain ID Testing (Europe) AG English 744 KB
Official EU Documents
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REGULATION (EC) No 619/2011 (PDF) English 739 KB
MEMO/11/451 – Questions and answers on the low level presence (LLP) of GMOs in feed imports (PDF) English 16 KB
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