Accelerating Food Contact Safety Compliance

with Migration Modelling

A FoodChain ID Webinar On Demand

18 May 2022

Ensuring the safety of food contact material and complying with regulations is both time consuming and expensive. We offer a way for organizations to have more control over costs and timing.

While there are several ways to complete compliance and risk assessments, worst-case calculations and migration modelling are screening methods which can be used ‘in house’ and are less expensive and faster than migration testing.

Whether you are changing your packing to meet consumer needs or to comply with changes to regulations, view our webinar where we investigated how migration modelling can decrease the amount of time and money it takes to achieve your organizational goals. 

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Meet Our Presenters:

Wim Jansen

Business Development Director — Viaware, a FoodChain ID company

Wim specializes in understanding clients’ needs and aligning them with software solutions that help them achieve their goals and targets. Wim studied Economics, International Management and has worked at Viaware 2013.

Sonja Eijpe

Project Manager — Viaware, a FoodChain ID company

Sonja coordinates the implementation of the software tool FOCOS, which helps organizations manage and communicate food contact compliance. Her interest in food contact materials and related legislation led her to working at Viaware to help protect consumer health by improving the safety of food contact materials. Sonja has a MSc in Polymer Chemistry and has worked for more than 20 years as a specialist, consultant, purchaser, and project manager in the plastics industry, for a broad range of products, like consumer products, packaging and medical devices.

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