FoodChain ID Acquires Hamilton Grant


Compliance overwhelms product development

Increasingly complex regulations and customer requirements can overwhelm product development in a food company. These companies are slower to market than competitors, launch lower quality products and frustrate their customers with late, inconsistent product information. How many of these situations do you recognise?

 Supplier managers chase information rather than drive ingredient quality up and costs down. But you still think your raw material information is out of date and incomplete.

 Product developers spend too much time at their desks. Their precious kitchen time is wasted on non-viable products – recalculating nutrition, allergens and costs as they formulate is too time-consuming so they ‘develop in the dark’.

 Knowledgeable, experienced regulatory managers feel they’ve become glorified form-fillers.

 Information needs to be collected from different systems and checked for accuracy each time a customer asks a question about your products.

 People throughout the NPD process copy data between systems manually.

Streamline NPD from your suppliers to your customers

Hamilton Grants creates a single, up-to-date source of truth for your raw material and product information. Suppliers, rather than you, fill in raw material specifications and can only submit them if they’re complete. Recipe nutrients, allergens, ingredient lists, costs and other information is updated on screen as you formulate. Compliance checks are standardised and automated. Product specifications and label data forms are created for you. From your suppliers to your customers, information flows through the system without being re-entered. Your supplier, development and regulatory teams get back to driving your business forward. They focus on creating tasty, healthy and profitable food. They respond quickly and confidently to information requests from customers and auditors. You know your products comply across the board. Hamilton Grant’s Web Application You create an account and connect to your suppliers. They submit raw material specifications and you approve them. You build recipes quickly (on a tablet in the kitchen if you like) – seeing costs, nutrition, allergens and other information updated as you formulate. You choose which standard label data sheets and finished product specifications you want HG to create – then send them to your artwork process and customers.

* It doesn’t actually come in a nutshell and so contains no nuts…

Posted on 24 September 2021