Food Safety and Food Fraud Risk Assessment Tools

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Together the highest level of food safety and food fraud risk assessment

Ingredient Risk Identification by HorizonScan™

Daily supply chain monitoring of ingredient and supplier threats for biological, chemical and physical hazards

The Food Fraud Database

Curated, searchable database of food fraud records to support GFSI-required vulnerability assessments for food and beverages

Complementary Benefits:

  • HorizonScan provides daily alerts of food supply hazards for immediate attention to emerging safety issues.
  • The Food Fraud Database supports food fraud vulnerability assessments with unmatched sources and food fraud expert vetting: incidents of food fraud, records from public domain not reported as incidents, market sampling and scientific literature on methods of fraud detection.

FoodChain ID makes it easier to keep the food supply chain safe, compliant, and transparent, serving more than 30,000 clients in 100+ countries.



HorizonScan™ was developed by top scientists at Fera, formerly the Food and Environment Research Agency.  HorizonScan™ is a registered trademark of Fera Science Ltd.