See what some of our customers have to say about FOCOS
Aarts Plastics BV

Frank Nouwen, Quality Manager
Aarts Plastics

Aarts Plastics has decades of experience in product development, construction and building of moulds. They have extensive experience in injection moulding, finishing of plastic products and the associated logistics. Aarts Plastics B.V. is a producer of packaging materials to the food industry.

“Food contact plastics are one of three core businesses at Aarts Plastics. As an organization and as part of the supply chain we need to comply with the laws and regulations on food contact plastics (FCP). With FOCOS we have an excellent tool to manage complex data in a structured way.

In 2015 we started using FOCOS with the so called ‘Implementation Pack’. We are very pleased about the structure and content of the training involved. The set-up of the implementation was excellent. The experienced consultants helped us to setup and understand the handling of different components in the future. A good and successful implementation of FOCOS is therefore guaranteed.

Intensively, but also very enlightening was the in-company training Viaware provided as part of the ‘Implementation Pack’. We are very pleased about the structure and content of the training. This applies also to the communication with Viaware, which extends to our full satisfaction.

For Aarts Plastics food contact plastics are an important part of the overall product range, and will be more and more embedded in our organization. With FOCOS we are immediately aware of changes in laws and regulations and raw materials, and we are able to manage these changes. Looking at the future, we see FOCOS as an essential software tool when it comes to controlling our food contact materials.”


Colorex Master Batch BV

Anton van de Laar, Chemical Engineer
Colorex Master Batch BV

Colorex Master Batch B.V. is producer and developer of masterbatches and compounds for the plastics industry. Customers of Colorex Master Batch manufacture products that are used in the food industry.

“In a world where consumers are increasingly aware of food safety and food contact legislation is constantly changing, it is necessary to stay up to date on legislation. That was the main reason for us to start implementing FOCOS in November 2014. We want to share correct and usable food contact information with our customers.

In order to successfully implement FOCOS and to guarantee food contact compliance within Colorex Master Batch we made use of the ‘Implementation Pack’. In collaboration with the Viaware consultants we determined a food contact strategy and planned the implementation of FOCOS. This saved us a lot of time and worries. Now we have started with a solid foundation which makes food contact compliance work a lot easier.

The in-company training which Viaware provided was very educational and informative. The training was well structured and helped us to more understand legislation. Communication with Viaware remains direct and satisfactorily even a few months after the implementation of FOCOS.

We face the future of food contact materials with FOCOS with great confidence. By using FOCOS it is much easier for Colorex Master Batch to continue doing business in the food contact plastics market. FOCOS will play an important role within Colorex Master Batch.”

Meldon Plastics BV

Jan Krijnders, Manager QESH, Security, IT
Meldon Plastics BV

As a producer of plastic profiles Meldon is known for its high level of expertise in the extrusion of polymer plastic profiles. Throughout its many years in the extrusion sector Meldon has developed into an effective partner in plastic extrusion, extrusion tools and (plastic) development.

“We started using FOCOS in September 2014. Food contact products will play an increasingly important role in the future of Meldon and we needed a software tool to help us with our compliance work. With regard to this evolution, we want to approach compliance work in a more professional and efficient way. The implementation of FOCOS has played a significant role in achieving these goals.

With FOCOS we manage all food contact data centrally. In this way, retention of knowledge and experience is assured within Meldon. FOCOS is very practical and user-friendly. We look forward working with the tool and are very optimistic about the future.

As part of the FOCOS Implementation Pack, Viaware provided an in-company training. The pleasant and clear explanation, based on case studies, has given us more insight into compliance work. We have experienced this training as very practical, useful and applicable!

The questions that we ask Viaware are quickly and adequately addressed and taking care of. We are very satisfied with the communication with Viaware.”

DBP Plastics NV

DBP Plastics has over 55 years of experience in the development of plastic packaging according to the injection molding process. The company provides standard packaging designs from stock or custom made packaging. DBP produces food contact plastic products for the packaging industry, for household and promotional articles.

“We have several reasons why we started using FOCOS in July 2014.

From the customers point of view we experience that existing and new customers have more knowledge and are more demanding concerning food contact documentation. Sending a Declaration of Compliance without mentioning details about substances with a restriction or dual use additives is not accepted anymore.

For the internal organization, working with different types of plastics, different master batches, liquid master batches with different SML’s and dual use additives is not manageable anymore without a system supporting the necessary compliance work.
With FOCOS we send a DoC to one or more customers, automatically (pro-active). Especially after a change in the specification, this saves a lot of time and work, in comparison with the manual processing of documents.

DBP sends complete and correct DoCs’ to customers. This differentiates us from competitors and trading organizations. FOCOS gives us a commercially competitive advantage.

FOCOS is very user-friendly and an added value to our organization. Viaware consultants are professional and accessible. All my questions are answered fast and accurately.”

QolorTech B.V.

Cees Koerselman, Project Manager
QolorTech B.V.

QolorTech B.V. is a color- and additive-masterbatch supplier. Their products, known as Masterminds®, are often used in food contact packaging materials. Food Contact Plastics are therefore explicitly linked to the product portfolio of ColorTech. All the more reason to start using FOCOS.

“By implementing FOCOS we gain direct access to the most current food contact legislations in different Member States of the European Union. The structure within FOCOS forces us to follow guidelines and complex food contact legislation. We now have a clear and distinct understanding of the Document of Compliance and its supporting documentation. FOCOS really helps!

We started using FOCOS with some help from Viaware (Data Management service). They initially filled FOCOS with our product and raw material information, to make sure that we had a solid database to start with. After implementation by Viaware we could start generating DoC’s right away. It saved us a lot of time and headaches.

Because of the complexity of food contact legislation we asked Viaware to provide an in-company training course on legislation and the use of FOCOS. The training course was clearly structured and very instructive. We were very pleased with the way the consultant presented and interacted. He has a lot of knowledge on the subject and masterbatches in particular. Overall, Viaware is a great company to communicate and work with.

We intend to expand our food contact product portfolio. We must stay up-to-date in the field of food contact legislation and our customers need up-to-date DoCs. That is why a tool like FOCOS is essential to us.”

Sylvaphane Plastics B.V.

Peter Kieneker, Manager
Sylvaphane Plastics B.V.

For decades, Sylvaphane has been a specialist in the production and processing of flexible packaging films of polyethylene, polypropylene and cellophane. For extrusion and assembly of the self-produced and purchased materials, Sylvaphane has ultramodern machinery. The extrusion department features very advanced and modern High Density, Low Density, polyethylene and three layer extruders. Flexo presses print up to 8 colors and for the fabric of the film several very modern seal machines are available.

“In the area of Food Contact Plastics we participate in the Food Group (VMK) of the Dutch Rubber and Plastics association (NRK). At one of the Food Group meetings a consultant of Viaware introduced FOCOS.

In May we started using FOCOS as part of the Pilot user group. We were pleasantly surprised. We were looking for a solution that could help us meet Food Contact Plastics legislation. The solution should minimize the administrative burdens for DoC creation and communication with our clients. FOCOS meets the requirements. FOCOS is based on current legislation and helps us manage DoC’s and supporting documents.

Food Contact Plastics will play an increasingly important role at Sylvaphane. At least 80% of our products are sold to companies that operate in the food industry. We will continue use FOCOS as a tool and Viaware as a helpdesk for our questions related to food contact. Up to now we are very satisfied with the collaboration with Viaware.

Viaware has provided an in-company training course at Sylvaphane. The training course was very enlightened and well organized. It was divided into a theoretical and practical part and has really helped the FOCOS users. Especially the theoretical part of the training course was of great value to the users.

We are very pleased with FOCOS and the support of Viaware.”

Kornelis Caps & Closures

Willem Koppel, Quality Assurance Manager
Kornelis Caps & Closures

Kornelis Caps & Closures is a producer of high-quality caps and closures. Kornelis offers top-quality customized and personalized closures to help make a product unique. For 75 years Kornelis has been developing solutions for the market. In all these years Kornelis was able to perfect their product portfolio. Most of the products are used for the packaging of food, like pasta, creamers and peanut butter.

“After a pilot period mid-2013, we started using FOCOS in production in December 2013. Food Contact Plastics will play an increasingly prominent role in the food sector. It is therefore that Kornelis is aware of the importance of a well-managed database and a well-structured Document of Compliance.
At this moment Kornelis is still in a startup phase of FOCOS. We invest in future benefit. Our experience over the past few months is very positive. FOCOS is very user-friendly and offers a clear overview on raw materials and related products. If you make changes to a raw material the system will instantly show the consequences for the related products and DoC’s. This improves awareness and communication with customers.

Unfortunately, we often find that a lot of information is missing in documents from our suppliers. FOCOS helps us find missing information and provides a way to communicate with our suppliers.

We are very positive about the incompany training course on Food Contact and FOCOS that Viaware provided. The presentation about international legislation was interesting and valuable. It also helped us get started with FOCOS as overall solution. I would recommend future FOCOS users to invest in such a training program. Complexity of the matter raises questions that can be answered by the Viaware consultant during a training session.

Communication with Viaware is direct and very pleasant. Questions about Food Contact Legislation and FOCOS as a tool are answered quickly and efficiently.”

International Innovation Company B.V.

Marcel Plomp, Quality Designer
International Innovation Company B.V.

International Innovation Company B.V. (IIC) designs and manufactures consumer products for both its own brand Vacu Vin and third party brands. With over 27 years of experience in developing consumer products IIC is rightfully called an innovative company. IIC is a family business, which has its origins in the invention and production of the Wine Saver. It can best be described as a company that supports the process from idea to end product. An internal team of experts and designers is constantly looking for new additions to IIC’s unique range of products. IIC products are being sold in over 80 countries around the world.

“Creation of a correct and complete Declaration of Compliance according to legislation 1935/2004 and 10/2011, is essential to IIC. Customers are more and more demanding as a consequence of transparent legislation concerning the use of Food Contact Plastics. This means that obligations grow rapidly and we are required to manage and archive correct information.


By using FOCOS we are always up-to-date on legislation. We file supporting DoC’s within FOCOS and are better able to manage changes and communication with our customers. We see big advantages for both our customers and our internal organization.

IIC is currently in a startup-phase where we register our raw material and product information in FOCOS. Missing information is detected by FOCOS and we can request information to our suppliers directly from within the system.

Questions about FOCOS and Food Contact are quickly and well answered by Viaware, the company behind FOCOS. They are open to feedback and have a good understanding of our business. The in-company training course that they provided was very enlightening. During this training the features of FOCOS were introduced by practical examples, applied to our daily business. We have learned how to interpret and process information from our suppliers into FOCOS and are now able to create a good DoC.

We now only use a small part of the features in FOCOS. In the near future we will use FOCOS in a smarter way and perform more compliance work within FOCOS. The future looks very promising and educational with FOCOS!”