FoodChain ID Intelligent Connections

Intelligent Connections is a unique cloud-based service that is designed to overcome the common barriers that prevent companies from investing in valuable integrations, allowing you to easily integrate your key systems with popular solutions like ESHA's Genesis R&D.

We aim to make integration easier and remove the traditional frictions that can make the process daunting. This dramatically reduces the level of effort required for your teams and lowers the overall cost of infrastructure and ongoing support. We've also heavily invested in insights and monitoring, to ensure that you have maximum visibility of integration performance.

What's Driving Integrated Nutrition & Labelling?

There's a lot of time and effort required to get your data in the right place at the right time with a manual process. Managing this can be challenging, labor intensive and prone to risk. With better integrated compliance you can avoid such challenges and  risks, meeting business and market requirements far more efficiently.

Market Demands

  • Market expansion opportunities
  • More trials and experimentation
  • Increasingly complex and shifting regulatory environment

Digital Demands

  • Importance of robust, digital product definition
  • Early feedback and "design for compliance" are must-have capabilities
  • Requirement for cloud-based services

Demand for Agility

  • React to disruptions
  • Resource efficiency
  • Speed, with standards
  • Reduce burden of change maintenance

What's Wrong with Traditional Integration?

Traditional integration has a number of challenges that make the need for Intelligent Connections clear:

  • Significant time is required from key stake holders to learn the capabilities of the system before they need to design and implement them. Because of this, there is a frequent risk of abandonment at early stages.
  • The team involved need to be proficient on endpoints and APIs, with ongoing expertise from technologists required. Often teams are learning as they go, which means unpredictable timing and costs. 
  • To test and deploy requires extensive testing, and with a reluctance to invest in automated testing which causes risk and increased cost of maintenance long term.
  • Maintenance is key yet often forgotten when it comes to budgets for projects such as these. Infrastructure costs will be long-term and can be expensive. IT & development maintenance is also required, and there is always the risk of a loss of working knowledge over time, if staff move to new roles, etc.

"We eliminated a lot of risk for manual error via automation...reducing risk for the brand"

"The biggest thing for us was that we gained capacity by automating previously manual steps in the process. This paid off significantly."

Faustine Sonon, Menu & Packaging


Why Intelligent Connections?

Intelligent Connections aims to enhance business value, with streamlined, predictable and efficient processes that are happening in real-time. This reduces gaps in data, keeps key systems synchronized, and ensures consistent rules and standards are being followed. Most importantly, this enables teams to spend time creating value for the business instead of focussing on manual chores.

Our cloud-based service supports both on-prem and cloud versions of Genesis R&D, and features: 

  • Accelerators and applications with connectors for common endpoints and orchestrations are pre-built for best practice integration use cases.
  • A template-based methodology that’s fast but flexible and predictable, with rapid time to value.
  • There's no infrastructure required from your business and we offer dashboards for monitoring and status 24/7. Our monitoring and support is US-based and end-to-end with fast response times.

Contact us today to learn more about how Intelligent Connections can enhance your use of Genesis R&D, or how FoodChain ID can help you improve your processes by integrating other key data sources in your business.

You can also watch our recent webinar on integrating Genesis R&D with FoodChain ID to automate your innovation workflow, and hear directly from Chick-fil-A on how they have benefited from the service, below:

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