Vitafoods Europe

May 9-11, 2023

Join us at Vitafoods!

If you are attending this event and would like to meet us, please contact us now by filling out the following form and we will be in touch to set up a time and better understand your needs. We take care to provide tailor-made solutions to our customers, but also to our future customers! It’s our understanding of our current customers and future customers’ businesses that enables us to deliver tailor-made solutions that address today’s industry challenges.

Are you interested in the latest trends and innovations in the nutraceutical industry? Then you don’t want to miss Vitafoods!

This annual event brings together industry experts, suppliers, and manufacturers from around the world to showcase their latest products and services.

The nutraceutical industry has grown rapidly in recent years, and the demand for natural and organic products continues to increase. As a result, there are countless events and conferences dedicated to this industry, but one stands out above the rest: Vitafoods. This tradeshow, held annually in Geneva, Switzerland, is the go-to destination for anyone interested in the latest trends, products, and services in the nutraceutical space.

What is Vitafoods?

Vitafoods is a tradeshow that brings together key players in the nutraceutical industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, and experts. The event offers attendees the opportunity to explore the latest innovations in the industry, network with industry leaders, and learn about the latest research and trends.

Why Attend Vitafoods?

Connect with Industry Leaders:

Vitafoods offers a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders from around the world. You’ll have the chance to meet with suppliers, manufacturers, and experts to learn about the latest trends and innovations.

Learn about the Latest Research:

Vitafoods offers a range of educational opportunities, including seminars, workshops, and presentations, all of which are designed to help attendees stay up-to-date on the latest research and trends in the nutraceutical industry.

Discover the Latest Products and Services:

Vitafoods is the perfect place to discover the latest products and services in the industry. You’ll have the chance to meet with suppliers and manufacturers and see their latest offerings, from ingredients to finished products.

Expand Your Network:

Vitafoods offers the chance to meet and network with other professionals in the industry. Whether you’re looking for new business opportunities or simply want to connect with like-minded individuals, Vitafoods is the perfect place to do it.