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Step 1: Company Info

Step 2: Co-Packers

Note: You don’t pay for products that your co-packer enrolls on your behalf.

Step 3: Products

Note: A product is a unique formulation and/or name (including brand name).

Note: If the product is packaged in different sizes, but the name is the same on each label, then all sizes are counted as one product.

Note: If you are an animal derivative producer, please group products in the following categories: whole, cuts, ground, organs, or bones. Each category, per species, counts as one product.

Step 4: Ingredients

+ Add New Ingredient

List one unique ingredient per row. Compound ingredients can be listed on one row. Example: "Popped corn (Popcorn, canola oil, salt)".

Note: If you are an animal derivative producer, your ingredient list needs to include all inputs to the feed rations separately, including pasture if applicable (e.g. corn, soy, alfalfa, limestone, grass hay, calcium, vitamin premix).

Please list ingredient name and select whether ingredient is Non-GMO Project Verified. (For a list of verified ingredients, please see the Non-GMO Project website.)

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