Emerging Risks of MRL Non-compliance  

With an ever-changing landscape, keeping on top of Maximum Residue Limits (“MRLs”) and any approaching regulatory aspects is a challenging task. For companies without a regulatory and compliance department, it becomes even more difficult.


FoodChain ID’s Regulatory Limits by BCGlobal aims to provide a comprehensive, and user-friendly, database to allow for easy exploration of MRLs covering over 1,100 pesticides on 920 commodities in over 150 markets.

View our webinar to find out more about MRLs in global markets, how to best keep on top of changing regulations, avoid non-compliance and potential violations.

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Meet Our Presenters:

Matt Lantz 

Vice President, Global Access - Bryant Christie Inc.

Matt Lantz serves as Vice President for Global Access for Bryant Christie Inc. (BCI)., a United States international agriculture trade policy consulting firm. Matt works to open foreign markets for agricultural commodities and addresses international agricultural policy concerns on behalf of BCI's clients. For over 23 years, Matt has worked to resolve phytosanitary, sanitary, tariff, labeling, and food additive issues.

Alinne B. Oliveira 

Deputy Director, Global Access - Bryant Christie Inc.

Alinne B. Oliveira is Deputy Director for Global Access at Bryant Christie Inc. where she assists U.S. agricultural exporters with international MRL and trade policy issues. Alinne leads the complex monitoring of EU pesticide and MRL policies, manages MRL transitions in key markets, and supports BCI’s MRL monitoring systems.

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