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News related to Food Safety
  • China Unveils New Standards

    China Unveils New Standards
    Recently China National Health Commission (NHC) along with the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) unveiled 36 new GB standards and 3 new amendment sheets. The newly published GB standards include one related to contaminants, three for food standards, nine for test methods, and eleven specific to food additives. GB 7101-2022 expands novel types of …
  • Counting Sheep: Meat Fraudster prosecuted

    Counting Sheep: Meat Fraudster prosecuted
    In the end, crime doesn’t pay – a meat fraudster was caught and sentenced in the UK to a prison term and a significant number of hours of unpaid work for the community. The fraudster operated an illegal sheep meat operation that posed a risk to public health and disregarded animal welfare. Find this and other …
  • Over 50 Beverages Recalled for Potential Microbial Contamination

    Over 50 Beverages Recalled for Potential Microbial Contamination
    Early in August over 53 beverages were recalled for potential microbial contamination. These include nutritional beverages, coffee drinks, nut milks, and oat milks. In its recall notice, the FDA noted that preliminary root cause analysis shows that the products did not meet commercial sterility specifications.  A potential concern is Cronobacter sakazakii contamination with fever, vomiting …
  • Health Canada Introduces New Labeling Rules

    Health Canada Introduces New Labeling Rules
    Health Canada has published new labeling rules for supplemented foods including snacks and beverages fortified with vitamins and minerals and caffeinated energy drinks. Also introduced were new labeling regulations for prepackaged foods requiring a front-of-pack symbol for foods high in saturated fat, sugar, or sodium. Supplemented foods already on the market with a TMA (temporary …
  • Colored Bottles Phased Out

    Colored Bottles Phased Out
    Last week, Coca-Cola announced that Sprite will no longer be sold in green bottles. Starting in early August packaging will change to clear bottles as part of the company’s recycling commitment. The green bottles contain green polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which is an additive that cannot be recycled into new bottles. Removing the colorant will provide …