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Cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) in plants is a genetically based trait that can be transferred by fusion of proto- or cytoplasts. 

Particularly in cabbage (Brassica) crops, but also increasingly in chicory, the proportion of CMS varieties is now relatively high. In cabbage varieties, for example cauliflower and broccoli, a group of CMS hybrids dominates, which have resulted from fusions with cytoplasts of Japanese radish. These types carry what is known as the ogura DNA sequence. 

The known chicory CMS varieties were produced by fusion with sunflower cytoplasts and contain sunflower DNA.

  • FoodChain ID Testing has developed PCR-based tests that can specifically detect and precisely quantify ogura DNA in Brassica CMS varieties. 
  • Another test system allows detection of sunflower DNA in chicory CMS varieties.

The organic industry is skeptical about this technology, which is why some organic associations also prohibit the use of CMS [links]. Both brassica and chicory CMS varieties are exempt from the labeling requirement for GMOs in the EU, as they are not considered GMOs under EU law. The EU organic regulation also allows their use. Positive lists provide guidance for farmers on which CMS-free varieties are available for organic farming. 

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