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FoodChain ID Testing - Your reliable partner for the identification of animal and plant species in food and feed products

The detection of animal and plant species is becoming increasingly important for the food and feed industry. On the one hand, it is necessary to meet religious and ethical requirements of consumers, and on the other hand, the increased expectations for transparency of the supply chains as well as the actual ingredients. Mislabeling, product counterfeiting or stretching with inferior ingredients have enormous consequences for the food industry. 

FoodChain ID Testing provides answers to your very individual questions with a comprehensive range of food authenticity analyses. In this context, various consultations are of course also part of our services. Just contact us!

FoodChain ID is at your side as an experienced partner when it comes to, for example:

  • specifically exclude pork or horse as ingredients
  • to determine soy in sunflower lecithin (see Foodnavigator article)
  • to detect myrtle, olive or cistus in oregano (see Foodnavigator article)
  • determine wheat in spelt
  • identify the exact species in a meat or fish tissue sample (using DNA sequencing-based methods - "DNA barcoding")

FoodChain ID Testing has the right tests for many other commercial questions.

If very specific, unusual species need to be excluded or detected, we can develop and validate the appropriate assay for you.

Contact us with any questions or if we can help you in any other way.

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