Soy Quantification in Sunflower Lecithin

FoodChain ID Europe offers a Real Time PCR test for the quantification of soy DNA in sunflower based matrices.

This test method is based on a relative quantification of soy DNA in relation to the total sunflower DNA, thus it is similar to a GMO quantification assay.

As DNA is a more stable analyte compared to proteins this approach is much more robust than ELISA based assays which are not suitable for certain processed sample types.

A very interesting application for this new method is the determination of soy DNA in sunflower lecithins. Sometimes a presence of soy can be observed in these products, triggering very often the question on the quantity which can be now addressed adequately with our new method.

If you wish your product to be tested with this method simply indicate “SoySunQT” on our order form. As this assay is PCR based you can easiliy combine it with GMO tests.

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