Halal – Growing market, with unique opportunities and challenges

Halal – ein Wachstumsmarkt mit einzigartigem Potenzial und Herausforderungen

Islam is Europe’s fastest-growing religion. The market for Halal foods (acceptable under Islamic law) is large and increasing. Billions of Euros are spent annually on Halal-compliant food products such as meats, pastries, pizza, cheeses, and chocolates.

Food purity and safety are areas of concern among Halal food buyers. It has become increasingly difficult to segregate goods due to massive volumes of food products and long and complex supply chains.


Risks for HALAL products /production

Certain risk ingredients or raw material can contaminate your product, causing it to be Haraam (forbidden under Islamic law). If your facility produces both Halal and conventional products, even faint residues on production machines or in storage areas can cause contamination problems.


How can Genetic ID assist you?

FoodChain ID uses PCR analysis to reliably detect specific DNA fragments in food and animal feed products. PCR tests are able to identify Haraam species, such as pork, as well as to detect genetically modified (GM) ingredients and ensure compliance with the EU’s GM labelling requirements.

A PCR test can help you to determine whether cleaning guidelines are appropriate to prevent contamination.

FoodChain ID offers you:

  • Accurate and reliable PCR and ELISA tests (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited)
  • Independent analysis to support your quality management
  • Tests on the most common Haram species in the European Union
  • Tests on convenience foods and other complex matrixes
  • Customized tests to meet your requirements
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast turn-around
  • Friendly, fast, and responsive customer service.