Supplements Services

This service is part of our Scientific and Regulatory Expertise in health nutrition to help you design and launch your products in Europe, USA and Asia, through a panel of services : Novel Food consulting evaluation, Regulatory Compliance & notificationHealth Claims, …

The quality of your products depends on the quality of the development and manufacturing processes in place.

Our experts can help ensure the quality of your products and protect your brand by :

  • developing manufacturing subcontractor specifications (standards, rules, etc);
  • integrating European and other national quality standards (microbiological criteria, heavy metals, pesticides, solvent residues, GMOs, allergens and more)
  • and evaluating procedures already in place (ingredient quality standards, controls, batch records, etc.).

Service Details for Quality :

Corresponding to the manufacturing framework of food supplement, and in particular indications of the regulatory texts applicable in Europe and in a specific country, delimitation of the subcontractor’s liability, constraints linked to the provision of the elements, etc.

Writing of a file summarizing the requirements and quality standards applicable for the marketing of food supplements according to European regulations (microbiology, heavy metals, pesticides, solvent residues, GMOs, BSE, allergens, PAHs, dioxins, mycotoxins, irradiation etc …).

Study of the technical documents of the ingredients of the finished product provided by the manufacturers (Technical data sheet, Specification sheets, safety data, certificates of analysis, Manufacturing process chart…). Analysis of the quality criteria for each ingredient and comparison with current standards in order to conclude on the presence of a certificate and on compatibility with the regulated criteria.

Following receipt of samples and batch files after each production, assessment of compliance with specifications: qualitative and quantitative formula, criteria and quality controls. Keeping and making available files in the event of control by administrations.

Identification of essential information to characterize the product and describe its qualities (product identification, development, manufacturing, control of ingredients, control of the finished product, stability, storage and transport).

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