Financial Support

for Novel Food application by BPI France
BPI France financial support

Bpifrance helps stimulate French business’ growth by offering loans, and awarding buyer and supplier credit to encourage business abroad. Of their latest packages, BPIfrance are offering support to entrepreneurs of the country to the value of up to 25k€ which can be utilised to support your Novel Foods project.
This support can enable you to gain the ability to utilise an organisation like FoodChainID and pay just 50%* of the costs that would typically be owed.

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Why do I need to submit a Novel Foods application?

Foods for which human consumption was negligible in the European Union before the 15 May 1997 require the submission of an application for approval of use. These foods must be safe for human consumption, and not mislead the customer in relation to nutritional value if there is the intention that this food will replace another.

The application itself requires several reports of analysis, including:

  • A complete description of the manufacturing process, safety protocols and certifications
  • A full analysis of the ingredient
  • A calculation of human exposure (mean and 95th percentile exposure)
  • Genotoxicity testing (a minimum of 2 studies)
  • A 90-day sub-chronic toxicity study
  • An evaluation of the potential allergenicity (if the ingredient contains proteins)

Unfortunately, the Novel Foods application process itself is very technical; and has time constraints that a business is not always able to manage internally. Leading on an expert provider to assist with this process means your can team focus on other requirements, and with our knowledge of the process we can ensure that we are meeting all the regulatory requirements that the EFSA and European commission need to approve your submission.

At FoodChain ID we work with you to select the right service for your product, from regulatory analysis to a consultation process and any submissions or follow-ups with EFSA. This removes the strain from your business, and at 50% of the typical cost, it allows budget to be made available for other projects.

From start to finish, using an expert to support you in your Novel Foods application means you are guided through the process and benefit from the knowledge we have gained from our years of experience.


I would highly recommend Nutraveris. They have delivered regulatory service beyond what was expected.  I trust the Nutraveris team to deliver the most up to date and relevant information.  During a very challenging EU Novel Food application – the Nutraveris team, particularly my individual consultant, was able to navigate a strategy with positive results. In fact, our project was completed within budget and  ahead of schedule.  I would not hesitate to engage Nutraveris on any of our future EU projects.


How to submit your dossier to BPI France

The application for funding must be done here After creating an account, you will have to provide the following documents:

  • A description of the project
  • An unsigned quote from FoodChain ID
  • Your tax certificate of less than 3 months
  • Your social security certificate of less than 3 months
  • Your certificate of tax regularity

The amount of the service is fixed and amounts to a maximum of €50,000 excluding tax, of which 50% will be paid by Bpifrance (these 50% will be invoiced to Bpifrance by the consultant at the end of the service). The remaining 50% will be paid by the beneficiary company of the diagnosis.

In concrete terms, the system allows your company to pay only 50% of the investment without bearing the overall cost, the BPI taking the remaining 50% directly into account.