First Bonsucro Certification in Thailand
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First Bonsucro Certification in Thailand

Thailand has become the latest country to gain a Bonsucro certified mill. Mitr Phol Group’s Mitr Phol Phu Khieo mill, located in Phukhieo District, Chaiyaphum, has achieved certification against the Bonsucro Production Standard following an audit by the licensed certification body, FoodChain ID Certification Brasil. Congratulations to all those involved in the process.

Bonsucro CEO Simon Usher welcomed the announcement:

“Mitr Phol Group is one of the largest sugar milling groups in Asia, with operations in Thailand, Australia, China and Laos. Their decision to take this first mill in Thailand through Bonsucro certification sends an important signal to the sector that sustainability must become a pre-requisite for doing business.”

What does Bonsucro certification mean for Mitr Phol?

According to Mr. Krisda Monthienvichienchai, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mitr Phol Group, “The Bonsucro certification at Mitr Phol Park in Phu Kiew district, Chaiyaphum province, is truly a testament to our over 60 years of dedication to quality and great care in all aspects of agricultural industry, from farming and production procedures, environmental management, legal and regulatory compliance, as well as respect for human rights and labour standards.”

Mr Monthienvichienchai explains Mitr Phol’s reasons behind its decision to pursue Bonsucro certification:

“The practice is conducted based on Mitr Phol’s policy for creating a sustainable agricultural value chain, from sugarcane farming, sugar production, until product delivery to end consumer. The certification is another achievement index for our overall operational capability, a major progress from the recognition of Bonsucro Sustainability Award we received in 2015.”

Next steps

The group has declared their intention to expand the amount of land within the scope of the mill’s certification:

“In 2017, Mitr Phol Group plans to expand the attainment of the Bonsucro certification to 42,450 rai; 127,450 rai in 2018. The company targets to have the entire 400,000-rai achieve the certification by end of 2020.”


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