BRCGS Storage & Distribution Certification

BRCGS is a leading brand and consumer protection organization, used by over 29,000 certified suppliers in over 130 countries. The BRCGS Standard is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized certification program.

The BRCGS Storage and Distribution Standard is designed for companies that store and/or distribute food, consumer products and packaging material.

FoodChain ID is a highly rated certification body providing accredited BRCGS certification globally.

Why FoodChain ID for BRCGS Certification?

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BRCGS Storage and Distribution is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized certification program designed for companies that store and/or distribute food, consumer products and packaging material.

Certification is achieved by undertaking a third-party audit against Standard requirements by an accredited certification body (CB). BRCGS rates CBs on their technical performance and efficiency in customer service. FoodChain ID Certification is a highly rated CB providing accredited BRCGS certification globally.

The goal of the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution is to ensure that the quality and safety of products during storage and distribution are maintained.

The Standard is specifically designed for logistics operations dealing with food, packaging, and consumer Products. It is fully flexible as operations can implement the full scope, or a scope relevant to their operation.

BRCGS Storage & Distribution Standard Issue 4 was published in November 2020.

Food products can be subject to contamination or adulteration if not managed in a controlled and secure environment. Operations managing food products at different points in the food supply chain can achieve the necessary level of control by implementing a product safety management system in compliance with the BRCGS Storage and Distribution Standard.

To support the variety of services often performed by storage and distribution operations, sites may expand their product safety management system to include activities such as wholesaling, product inspection and contract packing and achieve certification against the relevant module.

Contact FoodChain ID for an application and next steps. At FoodChain ID, we know that  certification is more than the yearly audit and we are here to help.

Getting Started

The cost of BRCGS certification depends on many factors surrounding your facility. To take the first steps in becoming BRCGS certified, please contact our office so we can assess the requirements of your business.

BRCGS Certification FAQs

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