BRC Certification FAQs

It is a requirement of the BRC Standard that the site seeking certification have a copy of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and that this Standard be on location at the site to be certificated.

Download the full PDF document of the BRC Global Food Safety Certification Standard for free at the BRC Bookshop

FoodChain ID Certification recommends that Internal Auditor training and HACCP training are sought before the scheduled audit. This assures delegates attending training courses that the information they receive is accurate and in line with Standard requirements.

Yes. FoodChain ID Certification has extensive experience in third party certification, including BRC certification. For more than 15 years, we have certified growers, agricultural processors, food ingredient producers, food and feed manufacturers, animal producers, and food retailers. FoodChain ID Certification in the UK has a 5-Star rating with the BRC, their highest rating possible. Our BRC registered auditors have also completed FoodChain ID Certification’s rigorous training program.

FoodChain ID Certification is a recognized market leader having received multiple awards from the BRC and are dedicated to providing customers with answers to all their BRC certification questions.

We provide professional proposals with no hidden costs, audits carried out by hand-picked, fully qualified food industry auditors and a quick delivery of certificates,

Audit reports are issued on time in order to meet your customers’ requirements, with customer satisfaction and close communication being our top priorities.

FoodChain ID Certification in America is accredited through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

FoodChain ID Certification in the UK is accredited through the United Kingdom Accreditation System (UKAS).

Thorough preparation and an accurate application are the keys to success in achieving BRC Certification. FoodChain ID Certification staff are available to provide you with an application and answer any question you may have regarding preparation and completing your application.Once you have completed your application, FoodChain ID Certification will process your application and get you on your way to meeting your certification goals.

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