Certification provides Indian Soya Processor access to Europe

FoodChain ID Certification Europe has undertaken third party non GMO certification for the distribution, storage and handling of non GMO Soya lecithin for Lasenor Charbhuja, one of India’s growing suppliers of Soya to the European food sector.

The company has also become the first Indian Soya site to achieve Halal certification for its products through FoodChain ID Certification Europe and the European Halal Development Association.

The rigorous non GMO certification offered by FoodChain ID Certification Europe now enables Lasenor Charbhuja to supply soya lecithin to GM sensitive markets such as the Europe and Japan and Halal certification to Muslim markets.

Lasenor Charbhuja purchases Soybean lecithin from various approved vendors. Then export the soybean lecithin after processing, reconditioning and homogenizing. Each batch of Lecithin exported is PCR tested in FoodChain ID Certification approved lab and issued with a FoodChain ID Certification TCC based upon a result <0.1% GM (35S, NPTII, Soy Mon 89788)

Parent company Lasenor based in Spain has been FoodChain ID Certification Non-GMO certificated since 2005 and now produces 1500MT Non-GMO Soya lecithin per year.

Richard Werran, managing director of FoodChain ID Certification Europe said:

“India is in increasingly important supplier of Soya to the European market, but there are issues regarding cross contamination with cotton, which is often not non GM.  Investing in testing and FoodChain ID Certification certification means that Lasenor Charbhuja can verify the non- GM status of its Soya lecithin at every stage of the supply chain. For European retailers and manufacturers this reassurance is essential.

Likewise Halal certification is vital for the Middle Eastern market and FoodChain ID Certification is delighted that its certification programmes have helped open up a number of opportunities for Lasenor Charbhuja”.

For more information contact FoodChain ID Certification on 01675 475 607; email: info@foodchainid.uk