FoodChain ID Certification Europe Certifies Soya Feed For Dutch Zoo Animals

Animals at 15 Dutch zoos, which welcome more than 10 million visitors a year, are now enjoying sustainable soya-based feed which has been specifically certified by FoodChain ID Certification Europe to ensure protection of the natural habitat from where some of the animals once originated.

Soya is an essential dietary component of many zoo animals. However, the production of soya often leads to deforestation, environmental problems through the use of pesticides and conflicts with local people. Responsibly produced soya avoids these problems.

By using their combined purchasing power, the Dutch zoos have been able to draw up an agreement for the supply of 43 tonnes of soya per year, all verified with FoodChain ID Certification’s Pro-Terra certification.  Pro-Terra verifies that the animal feed, supplied by Arie Blok from soya cultivated and produced by Amaggi Europe BV and Amaggi Brazil has been produced to the highest social and environmental standards whilst protecting delicate ecosystems such as the Amazon Biome.

Independent third party certification body, FoodChain ID Certification Europe audited and certified both the soya cultivation and production into animal feed. Awarding Pro-Terra to Amaggi meant that the company demonstrated the highest standards of compliance at every level.

Richard Werran, managing director of FoodChain ID Certification Europe said:

“Companies such as Amaggi are at the forefront of providing sustainable raw materials for feed use. In this case, the Pro-Terra standard ensured the strict production of soya, protecting the Amazon rain forests, respecting land rights and the indigenous population. For European feed users, this is particularly important and for the Dutch zoos, an opportunity not only to educate visitors but to support and demonstrate environmental sustainability and social responsibility in a highly practical way.”

Gezinus Schuiling, managing director of Amaggi Europe said:

“This is a good example of where Amaggi is able to support initiatives on sustainable production of soya and we were happy to support the Dutch zoos.  Amaggi is takes its social responsibility very seriously and develops its activities in a sustainable way, seeking to prevent, oppose and reduce potential environmental impacts.”