Call for Carb Scoring System

A team of global experts in carbohydrate research is proposing a novel and innovative approach to measuring the dietary value of carbohydrate foods. The new carbohydrate quality scoring system claims to be the first of its kind and will include assessments of sodium, potassium, and whole grain content as well as sugar and fiber levels. Called the Carbohydrate Food Quality Score (CFQS), the system is proposed by the Quality Carbohydrate Coalition – Scientific Advisory Council (QCC-SAC). Although the dietary value of carbohydrates has been contested in recent years, currently there is no standard method or system for assessing carbohydrate health quality. The CFQS could change this by scoring the nutritional value of carbohydrates. Experts believe that the system could be utilized globally for all types of cultural diets.

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Picture Credit Susanne Kuehne

Posted on 21 April 2022