What's New in BRCGS Food Issue 9?

A FoodChain ID and BRCGS Webinar On Demand

Food safety professionals working under the BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard are preparing for the newly released Issue 9.

FoodChain ID partnered with BRCGS
to offer a webinar on the new version. Panelists covered Issue 9 changes and audit protocol from the perspective of the standard owner and certification body. 

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Meet Our Presenters:

Richa Bedi-Navik

Senior Technical Manager — BRCGS

Richa is the Senior Standards Manager for BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety and START!, with responsibility for developing, maintaining value and growing programs globally. Richa has additional experience with the BRCGS Storage and Distribution Standard. Richa completed her master’s degree in Food Technology Quality Assurance from the University of Reading in the UK. During her career Richa has worked in a variety of roles associated with food safety and quality management, including food manufacturing, food service, retail, and the logistics industry.

Steven Dunn

Lead Auditor — FoodChain ID

Steven is a lead auditor for FoodChain ID. Steven has over 30 years of food industry experience covering technical and quality management within the retail, food service and ingredients sectors. He has operated across a variety of different product groups and industries, including auditing experience within the food industry. Steven’s experience includes BRCGS Food, Agent & Brokers, Storage & Distribution and START! audits. Steven has a Food Manufacturing Degree and Food Safety & HACCP Level 4.

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