Sustainable Foods Summit SP 2018 and the Challenge of Meeting the Expectations of Millennials and Generation Z

Sustainable Foods Summit SP 2018 and the Challenge of Meeting the Expectations of Millennials and Generation Z

Young consumers command the transition of importance of concepts: from “having” to “being.” The former quickly loses ground in the heart and mind of Millennials, and the latter consolidates as a preference of the generation Z.

The changes of expectancy of these generations conduct – or keep awake – the food supply chain (and other supply chains as well).

This is the recurring theme of summits that seek paths to meet this new way of life. The Sustainable Foods Summit 2018, held in São Paulo, Brazil, on 29 and 30 November 2018, is one of such events.

FoodChain ID attended and participated actively in this edition of the event and aroused the participants’ interest through its vision and constant search for solutions to meet the needs for certification and testing of sustainable food production.

According to the organizers, the Sustainable Foods Summit aims to explore new horizons for eco-label and sustainability in the food industry.

To do so, it provides space to discuss issues such as what the best practices are for measuring performance in sustainability, and other related issues on which FoodChain ID has much to contribute.

Full House to Learn More About Sustainability Certification and Testing

The presence of FoodChain ID team members at the event was an opportunity to speak about the company’s services to a qualified and interested audience about what is happening in the field.

Marina Stanham, business development manager, highlights the extremely informative issues discussed by the speakers from several points of view, “but all converging towards the continuous pursuit of a better quality of life.”

And better quality of life involves the search for healthy and sustainable food, which has stood out among the millennials’ concerns.

According to Marina, the fourth edition of Summit SP presented a number of ‘worries’ experienced by consumers and the global industry in the constant pursuit of solutions to bring healthy food to the table.

“These are challenges faced given the global political and economic crises and an increasingly demanding market with the Millennials focusing on their interests in free-pesticide and non-GMO food,” says the manager.

She also points out that these worries and demands go beyond pesticides. The new consumer is also concerned about environmental damage related to food production and “scarcity of crucial natural resources to the preservation of the planet.”

ProTerra: Good Agricultural Practices at the Root of Sustainable Production

Participants who attended the ProTerra Foundation lecture had the opportunity to get up to date with issues such as global legislation on GMO labeling, development in the United States regarding the labeling of genetically engineered products and sustainability and biodiversity, given that 70% of GMOs have been developed to be resistant to herbicides.

The lecture was given by Augusto Freire, executive director of FoodChain ID, who was representing ProTerra. According to him, the large number of questions at the end of the presentation was a good yardstick of the attendants’ interest.

Many participants expressed their desire to attend the international conference that the ProTerra Foundation will hold in Bremen, Germany, on 30 and 31 January 2019.

The purpose of the ProTerra Foundation, based in the Netherlands, is to encourage good agricultural practices and contribute to the protection of high conservation values, the environment and biodiversity, not forgetting the community and rural workers.

ProTerra is also dedicated to establishing a link between production and demand for Non-GMO products with full traceability.

According to Freire, the lecture given by FoodChain ID “caught the participants’ attention especially because of the perspective presented regarding certification and sustainability testing and the bundled services, which offer synergy to companies.”

The interest aroused in the audience of the FoodChain ID team’s presentations certainly reflects the dedication of its employees, who like what they do.

FoodChain ID greatly appreciates the opportunity to participate in this event, which so vital for the present and future of the food market. Thank you, Sustainable Foods Summit and see you next time.

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