FoodChain ID is the Major Certification Company in Thailand

FoodChain ID é a empresa que mais certifica na Tailândia

Thailand, or Kingdom of Thailand, is not just the exotic destination chosen by more than 25 million tourists annually. It is also the world’s second largest producer of sugarcane, behind Brazil only.

With such a significant production, mills’ concerns about the required sustainability actions are clearly inevitable, and this is where the path of Thai mills meets the expertise of FoodChain ID and Bonsucro certification.

Bonsucro is a global multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to reduce environmental and social impacts of sugarcane production, while taking economic viability into account.

This November some mills in Thailand are undergoing audits by FoodChain ID, confirming its ranking as the company that audits the most in the country.

Employee Paula Porto was in charge of the mission. Thai people welcomed her with their cozy customs, which surprised her very positively.

Audit fosters encounter of cultures

In addition to auditing, each country has a culture to be understood and respected. Auditor Paula Porto made good professional memories during her visit to Thailand.

On behalf of the company, the Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation (KTIS) team welcomed the auditor with a projector at a kickoff event for the activities.

The employees of the second audited client, New Krung Thai Sugar Factory Co. Ltda, which belong to the KSL group, carried on with the warm welcome. Those attitudes are part of the identity of this strong and generous people.

While performing her work with the support of local teams, Paula could experience details of this rich culture, such as employees’ habit of working wearing socks, without footwear, in office facilities.

She found out this is a habit they bring from their homes, because in Thailand it is common to have meals sitting on the floor, which makes it even more important to keep the floor clean.

Bonsucro for small producers

Although she found out new aspects of that culture in each visit, this was not Paula’s first visit to Thailand.

In March 2018, she was in the country to audit the first small sugarcane producer to the Bonsucro standard.

The job was carried out at Saraburi Sugar Company, a mill located in central Thailand. The company is part of the Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group (TRR).

This way FoodChain ID was once again a pioneer in Bonsucro certification, this time for small producers.

The Bonsucro seal ensures that the producer respects criteria such as environmental laws, carbon emission limits, labor laws and human rights.

Obtaining the Bonsucro certification is to ensure a safer way to several export markets.