Bacon Litigation in California

A coalition of California restaurants and grocery stores has filed a lawsuit to block implementation of a new farm animal welfare law. The lawsuit adds to uncertainty around whether bacon will be more expensive and / or in short supply once the new rules take effect on January 1. The farm animal welfare rule was approved by vote, but state officials missed deadlines for releasing specific regulations outlining the humane treatment of farm animals that provide meat for the California market. The new law requires that breeding pigs, chickens, and calves must be given adequate space to stand and turn around. For pigs, that translates to 24 square feet of usable space which could mean a cost of 15% more per animal for a farm with 1,000 breeding pigs. Most hog farmers haven’t made changes to comply with the law. Pork processed under the old rules and held in cold storage to be sold in California in early 2022 could help prevent shortages and price increases.

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Picture Credit Susanne Kuehne

Posted on 22 December 2021