The Baby Food Council

Created in January 2019 , the Baby Food Council (“Council”) is a group of infant and toddler food companies seeking to reduce heavy metals in the companies’ products to as low as reasonably achievable using best-in-class management practices.

In 2020, the Baby Food Council completed a lab proficiency study leading to identification of labs capable of accurately and consistently detecting low levels of heavy metals in pureed baby foods. This study will allow for data to be analyzed across multiple labs for purposes of establishing a baseline for heavy metals in fruits and vegetables and  measuring improvement over time.

In July 2020, the Baby Food Council resolved to establish a Baby Food Standard and Certification Program to incentivize the reduction of heavy metals in baby food products to as low as reasonably achievable while preserving and/or not having any adverse impact on beneficial nutrients. The Standard would have provided companies with a common framework for progressively reducing contaminants by regularly testing products and improving management practices, and for being transparent with consumers about the safety of their products.

Work on the Standard has recently stopped. Considerations to resume work are underway. Please watch this space for further developments.

The Baby Food Council is a 501(c)(3) organization under the auspices of Companies for Causes. For the Council’s Antitrust Statement, click here.

Baby Food Council Members: