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Avocado Boom Causing Environmental Havoc

Since 2020 there has been an avocado boom with 11 billion pounds of the “green gold” consumed annually worldwide. Just over 7% of this volume is consumed in the United States in one day during the Super Bowl in the form of guacamole. Mexico produces more avocadoes than anywhere else in the world, and the supply chain is in need of monitoring due to environmental impact. Avocado production has substantial environmental costs in terms of the water requirements and the deforestation that occurs to grow them. Mexico is strongly dependent on avocado farming and is draining aquifers to grow the crop. Water extraction is causing seismic movement while deforestation is reducing the variety of wildlife who live in the forest and contributing to soil degradation.  A recent study conducted showed that avocadoes have a carbon footprint almost twice that of bananas and three times the size of a cappuccino with cow milk.

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Posted on 3 February 2022